Personal Development = Professional Development

Lightyear has proven results in transforming organizations around the world. Our unique methodology centers on self-leadership—each person leading themselves to leave a legacy of their own design.

When an individual resolves issues in their personal lives and engages in actively taking personal responsibility for their life it makes them better, more productive employees.

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Why Invest in Self-Leadership?

When your people see and experience you investing in them. They invest in you.

Members of a team or an organization who are clear on their own vision and goals are able to find the intersection of what they want with what the company wants. The need for external motivation falls away because people operate from passion, personal mission, and that intersection of vision.

Our work gives participants a shared platform from which to operate, with a common language for how to collaborate and create together. There is less potential for miscommunication and misunderstanding and a greater acumen for teamwork, self-starters, and overall success of your business.

Working With Us

  • Do your people have tools to take responsibility for their life and their work?

  • Do your people feel supported in both their personal and professional lives?

  • Does your culture create an environment for accountability, open feedback, integrity to your brand values, and clear communication across teams?

  • Does your business have a vision and goals wall?

  • Do you know what your people want in their lives?


The Lightyear foundational course, Personal Legacy, provides tools and a common language to achieve results and movement towards a shared vision.

The first step in working with Lightyear Leadership is for each member of your team or organization to receive and complete the Personal Legacy Course.

Each employee who completes the Personal Legacy course also receives an all-access pass to the Lightyear HUB for one year from sign-up date. This includes a robust multi-media learning experience as well as new content released each week to support every individual in achieving their best results and their best life.

Personal Legacy is available two ways and is facilitated on The Lightyear HUB…


We have seen that when working and learning in a group, people hold keys for one another to have new insights into themselves and each other. Experiential learning as a group or team strengthens the learning and potential to radically transform a culture, a product, communication, and much more.

For availability and pricing for your organization to experience the power of Personal Legacy with an extensively trained Faculty member or with Lightyear Founder, Susanne Conrad, please fill out the “Transform My Business” form below.


Each member of your organization will move through the material at their own pace. Your group, team, or organization can organize a dedicated channel for discussion, accountability, and business tie-ins.

For group and organization pricing please reach out using the “Transform My Business” button below…


Additional ways to work with Lightyear:



work with your C-Suite

lead an off-site intensive/retreat

Susanne as a keynote speaker Virtual & Live

Corporate cultural expertise

intergenerational Family Legacy

one-on-one executive coaching

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