It Starts With You. Everyone is A leader In Their Own Life

To be a strong and powerful leader you must uncover and discover your unique strengths and declare what you came to this planet to do...and then DO IT!

Lightyear provides the foundation, framework, and tools to build and create YOUR legacy.


Lightyear HUB Programs


Your legacy is a culmination of every moment in your life—the impact and environment you create for yourself and others. You have the choice to design, navigate, and manage your life based on a chosen future. Personal Legacy provides the foundation, framework, and tools to lead a life you love.

Every new explorer of the Lightyear work begins with Personal Legacy.

When you participate in the Personal Legacy Course you also receive an all-access pass to the Lightyear HUB for an additional three months after completing the course. This membership includes new content released each week to support every individual in achieving their best results and their best life.

Personal Legacy is available two ways and is facilitated on The Lightyear HUB…


We have seen that when working and learning in a group, people hold keys for one another to have new insights into themselves and each other. Experiential learning as a group or team strengthens the learning and potential to radically transform your life.

When working with a leader the Personal Legacy Course includes five live video-conference sessions with an extensively trained Lightyear Faculty member or Lightyear founder, Susanne Conrad. It also includes 23 multimedia assignments. Each assignment can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete and the course takes 5 weeks to complete.

Faculty-Led Personal Legacy is $495

Founder-Led Personal Legacy is $625


The Personal Legacy Course includes 23 multimedia assignments. Each assignment can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete. The course is self-paced. You can do one assignment a day and complete in five weeks or you can move at an expedited pace to meet your future faster!

Self-Led Personal Legacy is $195

To take the leap and enroll, create a Lightyear HUB account. Your next step is to enroll and begin your Personal Legacy journey!




Lightyear LIVE!

Come and explore the Lightyear innovative approach to self-leadership and discover how it can liberate even more possibilities in your life.

These gatherings bring the Lightyear community together to connect and create. Together we integrate concepts from Dorothy Espiau's body of work and Lightyear Leadership's holistic approach to leading and learning.

Power Your Future

This complimentary course provides tools to kick start you living the future that YOU want. Author a vision for your life in ten years and learn to begin living it NOW. Are you ready for something bigger?


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