From Susanne: Immerse Yourself

I knew, even before it started, that the 2016 Houston-based igolu certification cohort would be both the best, and the last one of its kind.  As we were launching that winter, I was already deep into my own transformation pattern, swimming in the ocean, not being able to touch the bottom, knowing that I knew something yet not knowing what I knew.

People expect continuity, yet I am here to deliver rapid global transformation achieving a world of generosity and sustainability within my lifetime. I turn 57 this month. Continuity makes no promises.

We get a lot of requests from people asking when the next certification program is starting. For five years, I threw everything within me against the wall like a giant pot of spaghetti, seeing what would stick, and what fell off.

Photo credit: Curtiss Conrad

Photo credit: Curtiss Conrad

I learned I was “emptying the ocean with a spoon” as Coldplay says. I was working too hard on the wrong things with a small tool.

Moving forward there is no certification. Forgive the transformation if this is upsetting.



It's not about having people deliver the content, it's about the content delivering people.

Think of Lightyear Leadership as a transportation company.  Our job it to get people where they are already supposed to be.  I looked at what is the fastest, most reliable, scalable way to liberate the unknown leader within.  It is the four month long Lightyear Immersion.  This program is the future foundation of all the work we will do moving forward.  All the essential items in one rapid experience, creating a rich community of fellow self-leaders to work with over time.

Want to elevate women leaders with me in Ethiopia?

Immerse yourself first and start raising $8,900.

Think that is too hard? Stop thinking. Can’t stop thinking? Immerse yourself.  Get over it. Get through it. Get out of line.

Want to shareback with me at Mt Namuli in Mozambique?Immerse yourself first and start raising $8,900.

Want to go both places? Raise $17,800? Renew your passport and get a yellow fever vaccination!

Wish you would have signed up for igolu certification back in 2013?

Forgive yourself and immerse yourself—now.

Know on some level you need help “moving” to where you are meant to be? Immerse yourself now!

This is not marketing.  This is truth. Take it and run with it.


Love, Susanne