Creating Space

Space is a precious commodity on our planet. Building a home, planting and harvesting our food, protecting our natural resources—these all require a certain amount of physical space. There are times when it could look and feel as though there is not enough space, or no space left. And yet as humans we all have the capacity and capability to create space!

Creating space requires intention, it requires focus and dedication. It also requires trust—trust that creating the space for something or someone to come into our lives increases the possibility and probability of its entrance exponentially. Without the space to be, it will not and cannot be. This goes for the things that we want in our lives and unfortunately, it also works for those things which we would rather not have. If we create a space for something, the likelihood of it waltzing in and setting up camp is immediately heightened. We are the gardeners of our lives: when we till the earth, nourish the soil, and set up the picket fence we have created a new space for either fruits and flowers, or weeds and poison ivy, to take root.

Bringing attention and setting boundaries is what creates space. Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt saw this when they founded the U.S. National Parks. The physical and legislative structure of the boundaries they implemented 100 years ago is what allowed the life and vibrancy of what is inside the parks to flourish and grow. Many of these boundaries are still in place today and their maintenance and negotiation are where much of the energy is expended for their protection. Recall that boundaries are living things. Their strength and geometry are meant to change, move, ebb and flow, which is what keeps that which they protect alive and thriving.

Photo credit: Christine Waljeski

Photo credit: Christine Waljeski

Recall also that space is not only the physical realm. I’m not talking about the Theory of Relativity and the Space Time Continuum, although if Albert Einstein were alive today I am confident he would make a great guest writer for the Lightyear Blog. What I mean is that sometimes we actually need to create the space for a new thought, a new idea. The space for a new relationship to a thought or idea or even the space that there is a new idea to be had!

As humans we are the gardeners of our lives, always managing the space, the boundaries and the contents. Space is a precious commodity and it can be managed responsibly and powerfully—with love, intention, fun and a playful sense of geometry.

  • What new boundaries will you set, creating the space for something to grow?

  • What boundaries have you set that are ready for an update, upgrade, move or change?

  • What area(s) of your life need(s) a little more space?

  • Where are you taking up too much space, or not enough?

Photo Credit: Larry Lindahl

Photo Credit: Larry Lindahl