The World’s First Future-Facing Social Learning Platform

Introducing Lightyear

What if millions of us could envision a positive future? What if we began to relate to each other from our best selves, in that positive future, helping each other in a more authentic way? What if we choose to build a legacy of inspiration and guidance from older generations while supporting and mentoring younger ones? What if younger people turn around, mentoring those older than them with the knowledge and experience of having envisioned their own positive futures?

Lightyear is the world’s first future-facing, social learning environment. The digital platforms that exist now connect people based on their past accomplishments, experiences, and credentials. Lightyear is introducing a radically new idea, one in which people connect through their desired futures.

The Journey Starts with You

Everyone’s journey starts with the Lightyear foundational program, Personal Legacy. This course takes participants through the leanest, most effective way to create a clear 10-year vision for their life and corresponding goals. We do this so people can have a common methodology and language of possibility. This foundation allows people to express what’s unique about them, start to discover it, own it, feel proud of it, and eventually feel confident to be able to express that future with others.

What we discovered, working with thousands across more than two decades, is that people are more likely to be happy, achieve goals, and live beyond their normal realm if they are doing it with other people. We say Lightyear is both a learning experience and a social experience.  We know that learning IS social. Social means being WITH people. We know that if people can have fun and learn from each, transformation becomes something that people want instead of avoid. This is particularly true around areas where people experience vulnerability such as relationships and finances.

Dreaming Productively

Much of the power of human imagination is wasted in obvious places: fear, anxiety, suffering, loneliness, depression, and even addiction. Then there are the less obvious places where the human imagination is wasted, where people learn to cope or make due with a situation or say “it’s the best it can be”. When people begin to do this, they don’t imagine a greater life for themselves, because they are living what we call a default future. This default future is the future that a person is going to have anyway, whereas we help people craft a future that they have intentionally chosen, and then support them with the tools to live a life that they love. Many of our participants report developing daily tools that shift them from worry and anxiety to productivity and happiness.

We work with people in their 20’s who say, “Wow, I don’t know what I want to do when I’m 30!” For them, it is confronting. As they move through the experience of creating a ten year vision, they come to see, “I could use my mind to create what I want rather than worrying” and their life becomes richer. People in their 40s, 50s, or 60s, may say, “I don’t want to think about it.” That’s another place where Lightyear can help clear the misuse of imaginative power. The truth is, if you don’t want to think about what you’re going to look and feel like and be up to in 10 years—if you’re not creating it, something else is creating it in your place. So, why not design what that would be like, so you have a place to step into and increase the probability and the possibility of living into your own vision.

Power of The Intersection

The breakthrough for organizations that use Lightyear is orienting people to be transparent about the ultimate life that they want to live. An employer may see what an employee wants. Why not be at the intersection of what the company wants and needs, and what the employee wants and needs? It could be that an employee makes a huge contribution in 12 months and then they are on to the next thing, and the employer knows they can support that person in finding a successor. Or, they can support that person in having a creative and powerful maternity/paternity leave. What Lightyear can do is create an environment where it is okay to talk about the future, because the future is going to happen, and it is going to impact everyone. The more we can envision it together with transparency, the more wonderful and powerful it is.

Companies these days are really clear—you need KPIs, you need sales goals, you need ways to track the different results that people produce—this is all important. What we know, is that it’s a lot more challenging for a person to produce a goal for a company when they don’t even know how to produce a goal for themself. Investing in the personal development of individual employees ultimately always contributes to the collective goal-setting process of an organization.

Other benefits to the transparency of employees sharing their personal goals can be dedication, commitment, and retention. If an employee knows that they are going to start their own business in five years and is able to share that with their employer, a new type of relationship is possible—one of mutual learning and planning. The employee with entrepreneurial goals is able to tell the truth about that and invest in themselves and their education on the job. Their commitment to their goals only enhances the way they show up to work every day and the level of excellence they bring. This way of working requires a  progressive leader that does not come from an older model of “control.”

Shifting the Energy Source: Practicing the Business of Faith

Lightyear works in an environment where the source of energy comes from choice and self-leadership. We’re living in a time where we are challenging and changing the paradigm of where power comes from. We can choose to create our world and lives from another energy source. Instead of coming from fear and force we can come from power, faith, and dynamic connectedness.

In Lightyear, we talk about practicing the business of faith versus only having faith in proven business practices. Faith is the active daily process of holding a positive feeling and picture. Faith is holding that image and sensation through the breakdowns, the failures, the challenges, having the tools to lead a life you love, going to work, lifting each other up, and getting into action.

Lightyear works every time, the first time. Each of us must do the work ourselves, yet we do not need to do it alone. In our foundational course Personal Legacy, participants begin in a community. We created Lightyear, the first future-facing, social learning platform to help people learn how to do the work, to contribute to their community, connect people to new relationships and ideas, and gain the tools to live a life they love.

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