Real Tools for a Life You Love

Welcome to “Real Tools for a Life You Love!” Short stories from our community members and the Lightyear tools they use everyday to support a life they love!

Meet Laura Rust!

Entrepreneur, yogi, mama and much more… Laura is the Co-owner of @bigpoweryoga @bigpoweryogadenver @outhereyoga @livealiveadventures @bigsupyoga.

From Laura:

“I use the Lightyear declarations work in my life everyday. What I love about declarations is that they can be created anytime, anywhere and they don't need to make sense to anyone else. They're like the secret ingredient that isn't in any recipe book (or in my case parenting, business, yoga, or personal development book). They help me shift from distraction to focus, from worry to trust, from doubt to faith, from overwhelmed to confident and from feeling stuck to feeling creative. "My mundane creates magic." "I choose to focus my energy here." "I live joyfully in the fire." "I get to have it all." These are the current Declarations I have on rotation in my head, replacing what my Reactive Voice has to say about the challenges and triumphs of my life: "I can't do it all." "I'm not good enough." "I shouldn't be here." "I'm not supported." While no one ever hears me saying my declarations out loud, they are the magic that makes it possible for me to do an extraordinary job as a mama entrepreneur (and actually believe that I'm doing an extraordinary job, even in the face of failures). 

A little bit about Laura:

“I create transformational businesses and communities. I'm a visionary who loves to say "yes" to a vision and figure out the "how" later, one step at a time. As an entrepreneur, I get to do a whole range of things daily - I teach yoga, I answer emails, I plan trainings, I merchandise retail, I make lavender eye towels, I review financial reports, I hang out and talk to people, and I engage in personal development work. Most of all, I am a student of yoga.

Meet Andrew Barclay!

Yoga Teacher, Manager, and Leader who loves to dance.

From Andrew:

Through the work of Lightyear Leadership, in particular the Personal Legacy course, I have developed a greater connection to my body and how it can be an effective tool beyond its basic functions! I am with people daily; family, friends, coworkers, managers, members of the public ... you get the idea. I have certain roles and responsibilities within each of these people and groups. Having a greater understanding as to what happens in my body when I slip into reactivity, knowing what it feels like when I'm happy, having fun (even in challenges), gives me the power to know moment to moment what to say and how I choose to show up for these people as well as myself. The best part is, it takes away the stress of having to be anyone other than myself which has given me more time in my day and confidence in my effectiveness as a leader.

A little bit about Andrew:

I'm a stationary Lover (Muji is my favourite!) I'm a party host, I love to celebrate with friends and family

I've seen Madonna live 5 times

J'apprends actuellement le français!

Meet Daniel McCall!

Yogi, visionary, and entrepreneur in Charlotte North Carolina.

From Daniel:

“I was at a yoga teacher training when I met Susanne and completed my first Lightyear trainings. I knew right away that it was for me, so when I returned I got my studio to sponsor my next Lightyear program. One of the most impactful parts of the Lightyear work for me is that it has closed the gap on what I learned in my yogic studies and how I was showing up as a leader in everything I was doing. Lightyear gives me access to put all of my trainings back into the world and what I do on a daily basis with practical application. At the time, I knew I could teach an awesome yoga class, I was leading teacher trainings, I was using my yogic principles in general at the business, and yet all of it became more connected and translatable with the development of my Lightyear tools”

A little bit about Daniel:

“I have been creating leaders and teachers for over twelve years. I am the Executive Manager of Yoga One Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. I lead yoga teacher training, leadership seminars, and mind-body-soul retreats across the globe. My goal is to bring wholeness to the world through elevated leadership and entrepreneurship. I practice the business of faith and bring conviction, vision, and inspired action to budding brands and change-makers locally and abroad”

Meet Jennie Lam!

Creator of all things that inspire movement and self expression. Design Leader, yogi/ sweat enthusiast, coach, learner, movement designer, lover of LOVE. 

From Jennie:

“What Lightyear has given me in my life is beyond words; it has been, and is a WHOLE body experience and journey. One of the many tools that Lightyear has taught me is- 'My body is innately intelligent'. To know that my body holds the answers for me, and what I need to do is listen and trust MY(own)self. This tool has helped me navigate monumental shifts and changes in my life and work, through knowing when I am a ‘YES’ or a ‘NO’ and most importantly when I am not aligned with my TRUE self. It has been invaluable to me in ALL areas of my life”.

A little bit about Jennie:

“Im in my happy place when I am traveling or enjoying a beautiful meal with beautiful souls. A few of my favorite mom moments: 

1. Laughing so loud and deep with Grace (my daughter). Our conversations light me up. Her words, thoughts she shares, and the faces she makes… seriously the BEST.

2. When I walk into the room and see Grace IN-VISIONING and/ or meditating, in those moments I am reminded that she is always observing. To know that through MY work, I am helping her build HER-LIFE tool kit, it makes me feel so good… in those moments, I smile and say to myself “GOOD JOB mom”, I actually sing the “Good Job” song in my head;)”

Meet Matt Hoglund!

Director // Connection & Experiences for Lightyear

From Matt:

"Being in an environment where I am continually faced with my vision and goals has been an eye-opening experience for me. I have studied with Susanne and Lightyear for almost ten years now. As I have been developing and using the soon to be launched Lightyear HUB (the new online expression of Lightyear), I have seen how profound and transformative it is to see my vision and goals EVERY DAY and to know that all those supporting me can see them as well. It has shown me the places I had goal-setting as a static and unmoving thing. Now I can see the dynamism of goal-setting. It allows me to connect more powerfully to the present moment and each choice I make. 'Is this moving me closer or further away from what I want? What action is required for a course correction? Do I still want this?' The practical and everyday nature of Lightyear has given me a place to transform myself and my environment in any and every moment I choose."

A little bit about Matt:

Matt thinks in music. It is likely that something you say will cue up a song in his brain. He uses his classical vocal training to support harmony, structure, and beauty in his life and work. Matt brings his natural zestiness to his role at Lightyear infusing fun and a deep level of service to everything he does.

Meet Jill Chatwood!

Creative, Mother, Wife, Daughter, lover of love and dreamer of dreams. 

From Jill:

“I have experienced both personal and professional breakthroughs that I simply could not have got elsewhere. I have also been able to share these skills with my team and watch them flourish as well. Susanne creates the space for you to be the full you, she helps you learn to remove the obstacles and to restore yourself when you hit the speed bumps. One of the greatest gifts of the lightyear leadership program is the community it creates, I now have access to a network of support and people that I can support in return”.

A little bit about Jill:

“I love period romance films, surfing, music and art. I design clothing and interiors and live in Vancouver B.C.”!

Meet Sophie Allen!

Community & Operations Maven at Lightyear Leadership, swimmer, yogi, outdoor enthusiast and serious plant mama.

From Sophie:

“Lightyear has given me the tools to be fully aware of when I am in reaction and how to restore myself from that place to one of choice. With the knowledge that we are always responsible for creating our own life and legacy, and that we always have the choice to react from the past or respond from the current situation, I find that I am so much more in choice about my own happiness. With this, I am able to see what authentically brings me joy so I can intentionally design that for my future. 

A little bit about Sophie:

I made my way from CO to CA as a collegiate swimmer. I am in my happy place when fully submerged in the quiet of the water, jet setting across the globe, or upside down on my yoga mat. I value the spirit of ease, joy, and simplicity and do my best to carry them with me each day.

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