Welcome to Lightyear Leadership

Individual development that elevates an entire company.

We have found that employees engaged in actively creating their own vision and goals have the tools to champion their organization’s goals. Lightyear is a dynamic, tight-knit community of leaders who stand for–and learn from–one another.

Level One: Personal Legacy

The Lightyear Leadership foundational program, Personal Legacy, is a series that empowers you to design your own unique legacy, to choose how you respond to situations, to support your legacy through vision and goals, and to recognize the power and responsibility of your words.

Personal Power & Wholeness Podcasts

These nine podcasts outline the principles that support the Personal Legacy program and give you access to wholeness and more power in your life.

Level Two: Integrated Leadership

This series expands on the Personal Legacy series and gives you tools to successfully manage projects, ways to restore yourselves and your teams from common downward spirals, techniques for committed speaking, and the ability to understand your unique contribution in the natural cycle of project management.

Strategic Instinct Podcast Series

These nine podcasts outline the principles that support the Integrated Leadership program. They support you in honoring and utilizing both the creative and analytic parts of your brain.