Nancy Perry

Nancy is an entrepreneur, creating organizations that curate transformational experiences for people. She is a  student, a teacher, a writer, a mother, and a wife. She is the co-founder of BIG Power Yoga studios, Live Alive Adventures, and Out Here Yoga. She is a yoga teacher and a leader of the Lightyear work. Nancy has had the privilege to share yoga, leadership, and personal development programs in many places across the globe and Nancy feels grateful to be able to do the same things she does for fun and for her health to generate her livelihood!

Nancy was introduced to the Lightyear work in 2009 and it transformed what she saw possible for her life. She found the courage and the self-trust to be able to create a business that she believed in, and that choice changed her life. Her mission now is to support others in realizing and owning the power and value of their choice and their unique voice. Nancy values personal style and expression, inclusion and community, serving others, and the combination of play and dedicated work. This is the legacy she is committed to leaving behind as she supports you in leaving the one you choose.