Session One: Personal Legacy

Personal Legacy:

Our personal legacy is a continued impact of everything we do in our lives. We need to understand our personal power in this world and how our choices impact everything around us. It is our work to discover who we are, what we came here to do, and then do our very best to remain true to ourselves and the personal legacy we wish to create. Part of our personal responsibility in creating our legacy is to examine the internal voice inside our heads and make sure we are listening to accurate information, and actively living in authentic choice.

Homework (to be completed prior to Session 2 call):

  • Choose a buddy in your group. Schedule a time with your buddy in between each session to check in and discuss your progress, assignments, etc. If you are in an odd-numbered group, join a group of three.
  • Please download The Power Of Knowing What You Want and complete the exercise.
  • Notice at least 3 areas of your life where you live in reaction versus authentic choice. Then complete the questions on the Body Sensations worksheet.

Session Two: Reflection

  • Please download this The Line of Choice handout to reference while watching the video. Feel free to add your own words and behaviors to the worksheet to help remind you of when you need to return to authentic choice.

Homework (to be completed prior to Session 3 call):

  • Schedule a time with your buddy to check in and discuss your progress, assignments, etc.
  • Download the interview questions and ask at least five people to answer them; over the phone or in person.
  • Please take a look at these ways to restore choice in your listening and these direct shifts from reactive to choice based listening. Keep noticing your own reactive listening and practice shifting into authentic choice.
  • Take a look at these steps if you think you have a timeline to clear.

Session Three: Vision and Goals

Homework (to be completed by Session 4 call):

  • Write your vision and goals (or revisit them, checking for inauthentic or filler goals). Don’t feel like you have to stick to this template–you can change the domain, add more, or alter the timelines to work with what feels best for you. Use these Tips for Writing Powerful Goals for support.
  • Share your vision and goals with at least 3 people.
  • Optional: if you need help writing your vision, create a vision board first.
  • Optional: if you need help releasing anything that might hold you back from setting a vision truly based in possibility download this Ship In The Night Exercise.
  • Optional: Listen to the podcast below. Susanne leads you through a vision-writing process.

Session Four: The Power of "I Am"

  • To get started on your own declaration, download this handout to help you step through the process. To best support your vision and goals, create a separate declaration for each domain (e.g. personal, health, career, etc.).
  • Feel free to download these example declarations.
  • Here are some follow-up tips to help you move forward successfully with your vision and goals.
  • Please take time to review some of the most important concepts from Personal Legacy.
  • For anyone interested in moving forward before you start Integrated Leadership, you can take a look at your vision and goals and start thinking about a project you can design to help fulfill them.