Personal Legacy Participant Agreement


Please read and sign the agreement by completing the form below.

I choose to:

  • Commit to the duration of the Lightyear Leadership Personal Legacy series
  • Participate fully and completely while engaging in the material and bring my best energy and self to each and every task
  • Provide my best listening to others in the sessions and promise to be gentle with myself as I go through my own learning process and experience of the material
  • Take excellent care of myself for the duration of this program
  • Leave each conversation better for my having engaged in it
  • Recognize that Lightyear teaches personal power and wholeness and that as a participant in this program I am a valued part of the whole that will make this program a success
  • Honor my word with my “buddy” to support them throughout the process
  • Ensure I’ve read through and understand the requirements and by-whens for assignments
  • Commit to completing 100 percent of the Lightyear Personal Legacy series requirements
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