Lightyear Leadership Podcasts




PP&W Principle 1: Clear, Ground & Hold Space

It is important to know that you ARE the environment for the people that surround you. This podcast focuses on how to honor your own unique method for clearing, grounding, and holding space, and the importance of clearing yourself first before attempting to help others.


PP&W Principle 2: Power Comes from Wholeness

To be an effective leader, it is critical to clear anything from the past that may affect your current or future self. This podcast introduces the idea that 99% equals zero, and the importance of wholeness in leadership. It is only by having the courage to clear the past that you can truly open yourself up to the abundant future you deserve.


PP&W Principle 3: The Body is Innately Intelligent

Your body is ALWAYS communicating with you. This podcast emphasizes that your body is relaying critical information 24/7 if you only stop to listen. The body communicates through sensation, and it is your job to actually STAY inside your body, to listen to it, and trust the information it confides.


PP&W Principle 4: I am. You are.

We live on a free-will planet, and yet we do not always honor the free will of others. This podcast highlights the importance of distinguishing your own sensations from another’s. It is imperative to your overall well-being to not take on the issues of others or project your own issues on the environment around you. This principle helps you stay clear of another’s “I am” and helps you “own” your own.


PP&W Principle 5: Everything After “I AM” Creates

You speak your future, moment to moment. This podcast explores the power of the spoken word; what you say is what you become. As you listen to others, you can see their entire world by listening to their “I Am.” Learning this concept will help you speak your way to a happier and more successful life.


PP&W Principle 6: The Line of Choice

We are always and only listening to ourselves. This podcast creates a clear distinction between reactive and choice-based listening. When you are in authentic choice, you are connected to your best self and are living from responsibility and choice. Finding your own unique shifts will help you get back above the line of choice quickly when you have accidentally fallen below.


PP&W Principle 7: Happy Face vs Unhappy Face God

You are designed to be happy and to be aligned with the Happy Face God. This podcast explores the idea that our biology is designed to operate on happiness. By creating a positive relationship with faith and patience, these tools will help restore you and stay aligned 100% of the time with the Happy Face God.


PP&W Principle 8: Navigate with Inner Hearing

To stay present, you must trust the heart of a conversation to reveal itself. This podcast discusses the importance of listening to the body’s innate inner hearing. The more you LISTEN to your inner hearing, the better you’ll be at existing in the present moment.


PP&W Principle 9: Happiness is a Choice

Happiness equals success. This podcast declares that happiness is a choice, and it is your job to discover it. Your daily discovery of the source of your OWN personal happiness is also what will continue to create it. You CAN choose to find what is delightful in the small moments of your life and you can help others do the same.

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