Rebecca Bligh

Rebecca Bligh started her adult life as a young single mother, working paycheck to paycheck to provide for her young daughter. After spending 13 years growing a successful start-up, Rebecca found her calling is in leading and facilitating leadership and communication work.

Rebecca started working with Lightyear Leadership seven years ago, first experiencing the Personal Legacy program as a participant and then learning and practicing under the guidance and teachings of Susanne Conrad. Rebecca has built a business leading Lightyear to participants in communities and organizations. Rebecca has found limitless capacity to set vision and goals through practicing AND leading the Lightyear work and recently returned from her second global shareback in Mozambique. Rebecca says it is the power of declarations that continues to inspire action and calls her to take the upgrade in her own life. As new doors open Rebecca is called to connect to her best self and continue to deliver this transformative work to the world.

Rebecca is now a mother of an adult daughter with a teenage son and lives with her wife in Vancouver, Canada.