Session One: Cycles of Success

Cycles of Success:

There is a natural cycle of how things in the world evolve and manifest. This cycle applies to not only the natural world but to projects we develop both personally and professionally as well.

Please take a look at the handouts below as you watch the video.

Cycle One: Connection & Alignment

Cycle Two: Depth & Imagination

Cycle Three: Options & Impacts

Cycle Four: Fulfillment

Cycle Five: Appreciation & Learning

Homework (to be completed prior to Session 2 call):

  • Choose a buddy in your group. Schedule a time with your buddy in between each session to check in and discuss your progress, assignments, etc. If you are in an odd-numbered group, join a group of three.
  • Choose a project that supports your goals and vision in some way, and that helps you grow as a planetary contributor.
  • Map out how you will apply each cycle to create a successful project.