Session One: Personal Legacy

Personal Legacy:

Our personal legacy is a continued impact of everything we do in our lives. We need to understand our personal power in this world and how our choices impact everything around us. It is our work to discover who we are, what we came here to do, and then do our very best to remain true to ourselves and the personal legacy we wish to create. Part of our personal responsibility in creating our legacy is to examine the internal voice inside our heads and make sure we are listening to accurate information, and actively living in authentic choice.

Homework (to be completed prior to Session 2 call):

  • Choose a buddy in your group. Schedule a time with your buddy in between each session to check in and discuss your progress, assignments, etc. If you are in an odd-numbered group, join a group of three.
  • Please download The Power Of Knowing What You Want and complete the exercise.
  • Notice at least 3 areas of your life where you live in reaction versus authentic choice. Then complete the questions on the Body Sensations worksheet.