Lightyear Leadership Podcasts




SI Principle 1: Remembering the Future

This podcast speaks to the power of leading from a future that is unconstrained by the past. Using practical yet inspiring examples to demonstrate this concept, the podcast emphasizes the importance of working backwards from the future while clearing the past, so a future can be created.


SI Principle 2: Intuition Leads

This podcast highlights the sacred gift of intuition, and its relationship to time and the rational mind.


SI Principle 3: Align All Ways

This podcast points out the necessity for alignment—at all times and in all ways. Dynamic conditions require dynamic alignment.


SI Principle 4: Imagination > Knowledge

This podcast celebrates imagination and emphasizes the need for faith, patience, and discipline in honoring its power.


SI Principle 5: Manage Conversations, Not People

This podcast prompts leaders to focus on alignment, and conversations, when managing others. Promises, requests, context, assertions, and declarations pave the way for new possibilities and relationship dynamics.


SI Principle 6: Catch and Release

This podcast discusses alternatives to getting “hooked” into reaction. When you master what pulls you below the line, you begin to master leadership.


SI Principle 7: Fun IS Strategic

This podcast highlights the importance of fun in decision-making, relationships, and everyday life. Fun and humor shift people out of fear while uplifting them and lightening their burdens. Fun is too often dismissed, and this podcast asserts it as an essential part of successful leadership.


SI Principle 8: The Art of the Question

This podcast calls attention to the connection between strategic questions and inner hearing. Asking strategic questions brings the focus back to the NOW. Asking strategic questions resets the intuitive mind and allows you to access it.


SI Principle 9: Appreciate Specifically and Frequently

This podcast asserts that gratitude and appreciation increase your frequency as a leader. Like most things, appreciation compounds value and this is also true for relationships. Elevate your leadership through appreciation.

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