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Lightyear has proven results in transforming the lives of individuals and organizations around the world. Our unique methodology centers on self-leadership—each person leading themselves to leave a legacy of their own design.


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The Lightyear Hub…

is an online experience that allows people to discover and cultivate the best in themselves through online courses and a community of practice—creating accountability, overcoming obstacles, and celebrating accomplishments.

At Lightyear Leadership We Believe…

People come to Lightyear seeking tools and guidance, and find something bigger: a community that stands for them, their vision and goals, and their personal legacy. Lightyear embraces the inherent power of authentic choice and fun, making it possible to approach often-heavy work with lightness and joy. Our programs are designed to support participants in living generously. Please take us up on our offer for a complimentary course. 

I am ready for something bigger.

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What is Lightyear?

Learn more about Lightyear from our founder, Susanne Conrad.


I aM ready for something bigger.

Start your journey a complimentary Lightyear course: Power Your Future.